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Jewelry by

Jennifer Luciana


Below is a list of some of the stones I like to use, along with their general properties. There are lists online that are far more comprehensive. They may also use different names for the stones. I'm not a gemologist or specialist - these are just what I like. When looking for the right stones for you - above all else - go with your gut. If you're drawn to a stone in some way (color, feel, shape) ... just go for it!

Agate (Red, Blue Lace, Druzy, Fire, Moss, White, Batik, Bamboo Leaf) - promotes inner stability and composure, encourages self-confidence​

Amethyst - stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions, stone of faithful love, carries energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality

Amazonite - inspires truth, honor, integrity and trust

Angelite - promotes com​passion and und​erstanding, dispels fear and anger, encourages forgiveness

Apatite - known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals, clears away confusion, apathy, negativity

Aventurine - known as the "Stone of Opportunity", invites good luck and prosperity

Aqua (Moss) - helps to increase psychic skills and awareness, calms emotions, stress reliever

Blue Topaz - supports self-expression and alignment with the divine

Calcite (Blue) - calming and soothing, enhances decision making, aids communication

Carnelian - stone of rebirth and reincarnation. Restores vitality and motivation, and gives courage.

Cat's Eye - brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence​

Chrysoprase - heals the inner child and can mend a broken heart, heal relationships and transmute negative emotions into positive ones

Citrine - known as "success stone", directs personal power and creativity, aids in manifestation

Emerald - brings successful and abundant love, enhances loyalty and unity, promotes friendship

Flourite - Cleanses and stabilizes the aura, creates balance, increases self-confidence and aids in decision making

Garnet (Rhodolite, Green) - a stone of physical love and relationships, spiritual stone of psychic protection

Garnet (Spessartite) - promotes rational thought and happiness from within, boosts fertility and sex drive

Hawk's Eye - associated with the Throat Chakra and the ability to communicate honestly and effectively

Hematite (Traditional, Brown, Green) - grounds and protects us, stimulates concentration and focus, gives strength and dispels negative energy

Iolite - helps in recovering balance, strengthens resolve to be responsible, provides self-assurance and endurance when under stress

Jade - blesses everything it touches, used to protect, heal, promote wisdom, balance, and peace, historically been used to attract love

Jasper (Dalmation) - encourages self-liberation and discovery of one's true purpose in life

Jasper (Dragon's Blood, Picture) - known as the “supreme nurturer”, sustains and supports through times of stress

Jasper (Fossil) - grounds and protects, instills a feeling of "wholeness", aids in mental clarity

Jasper (Imperial) - aligns the soul with the divine

Jasper (Leopardskin) - facilitates connection to animals, promotes self-healing, excellent for those with chronic health conditions

Jasper (Picasso) - grounds and calms the soul, engenders strength and self-discipline

Jasper (Red) - aids in spiritual grounding, mental and physical healing

Jasper (Snakeskin) - protective, calming stone, known as the "stone of grace", can decrease anxiety in times of worry or stress

Jasper (Zebra) - centering, motivating, mood-lifting and energizing, increases appreciation for life's joys

Kyanite (Indigo) - promotes inner balance, as well as protects from negative influences

Labradorite - strengthens and stimulates psychic abilities, intuition, strength of will and a feeling of inner worth, protection against negativity

Labradorite (Black) - cleans the wearer's aura and used to overcome difficulties

Lapis Lazuli - stone of protection and purification, bringing harmony, peace and deep inner self-knowledge

Larimar - represents peace and clarity, supports healing and love

Lava Stone - gives strength and courage, connects us to Mother Earth

Magnesite - instills deep peace and calm, aids in creative visualization

Moonstone (Chocolate, Mystic, Rutilated, Peach) - brings hope and abundance, enhances feminine energies and intuition

Mother-of-Pearl - stone of protection, healing and emotional balance, relieves stress

Onyx - powerful stone of protection, transforms negative energy and prevents the drain of personal energy

Opal (Black, Dendrite) - intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions, encourages freedom and independence

Opal (Blue Peruvian, Natural) - stone of courage and ingenuity, improves self-esteem and self-love

Pearl - removes negativity, gives purity, promotes faith and personal integrity

Peridot - increases prosperity and happiness, stone of protection and cleansing

Pyrite - Protects against all forms of negative energy, stimulates intelligence and enhances psychic development

Quartz (Rose, Smoky, Rutile, Mystic) - used to attract and keep love, helps to heal one's heart from pain and disappointment, cleanses and balances the soul

Rhodochrosite (Pink Argentinian) - aids in emotional healing, supports love for self, talisman for joy and healing

Riverstone - powerful stone, provides strength, promotes rapid change and aids other stones in their work

Rosewood - carries compassionate, feminine energy, helps stimulate compassion and love

Sapphire (Tundra) - stone of wisdom and prophecy, calms the mind, brings protection, spiritual insight and good fortune

Serpentine - powerful stone for healing, creates an energetic and protective shield around the body

Spinel - connected with energy renewal, with overcoming tough circumstances and promotes mind and body rejuvenation

Silverite - facilitates peace and balance within the physical, mental and spiritual energies of the body

Sunstone - instills good nature, heightens intuition and allows the real self to shine through happily

Sunstone (Blue) - helps dispel fears and phobias, decreases stress and lifts depression, increases personal power

Tiger's Eye - gives courage, strength of mind and self-confidence

Topaz - associated with true friendship, stone of compassion, empathy and kindness

Topaz (Blue) - supports self expression and alignment with the Divine

Tourmaline - aids in understanding oneself and others, diminishes fear, attracts inspiration, and prosperity

Turquoise (Natural, Buffalo, Stabilized) - symbolizes friendship, embodies power, wisdom, and protection, inspires self-forgiveness and self-acceptance

Vesuvianite - banishes depression, clears negative thought patterns and drives away fear, brings one closer to their divine purpose

Zircon - has an intense energy that is highly spiritual, symbolizes healing, helps wearer to love themselves and others, heals mental disturbances and promotes common sense